Ebony Visons "Bright Morning Star" #32/50 GP Blackshear

We are former retailers for Thomas Blackshear's Ebony Visions and are now selling some of our private collection. As an former authorized retailer for Ebony Visions (distributed by Willitts Designs) we were given the opportunity to purchase the rights to matching number #37 for Artist Proofs and #32 for Gallery Proofs. Willitts Designs defines Artist Proof and Gallery Proof as:
Gallery Proofs are limited to 50 Sculptures, hand-numberedand signed by the artist. A GalleryProof is a very limited, exclusive issue of a particular edition that has hand-painted color variations directed by Thomas Blackshear. Because of its unique color design this issue is not part of the original numbered edition.
Artist Proofs are limited to 50 sculptures, hand-numbered and signed by the artist. Artist Proofs are the first pieces produced of one design and are used to confirm accurate duplication of the artist's master. Artist Proofs are not included in the original numbered edition.
This figurine "A Bright and Morning Star" is a #32 Gallery Proof and is hand Signed by Thomas Blackshear. "A Bright and Morning Star" is retired. This is the Legends version. This figurine is in perfect condition. This figurine is currently listed for $520.00 at an on-line Ebony Visions retailer.
This figurine has been in our storage since our initial
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