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Shipping Handling $ 99.00 click for more information. ADDITIONAL VIEWS CENTER CORNER BACK ECG eBay Auctions ecarpetgallery ECG Canada on eBay ecgcanada ECG Clearence on eBay ecgliquidation Visit our other auctions! PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Type: JOUZAN , from Iran Size: 4'5" x 7'3" 134 x 220 cm Age: Semi-Antique Condition: Very good Dye: Combination KPSI: 99-120 Woven: 100% Hand Knotted Weaving time: 953 hours Pile: Wool Foundation: Cotton Field: Navy Border: Copper Accent: aqua,Beige,Copper,Cream,Navy,Pink Remark: Appropriately aged ECG's Terminology: Semi-Antique These antiques of tomorrow have been selected to provide enjoyment with the potential to achieve antique status. These rugs are individually made using knotting methods, design color and fiber mix unique to their region. Owning these rugs is to appreciate their changing beauty and the unique characteristics that are the result of each craftsman applying his skills that have been handed down through generations. Estimated Retail Value: $ 2,100 - $ 2,700 About JOUZAN JOUZAN is located in the northwestern Iranian province
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