Echoes of Love's Reality Johnny Blackburn Orig Album

JOHNNY BLACKBURN & MARY LAUREN (TN) "Echoes of Love's Reality" 1981 (Wind's Eye Music jb-5463)
**SPECIAL NOTE (We have less than 20 of these left)
Despite the 80s recording and release date, this album has a wonderful mid-70s acid folk vibe. The two voices blend together beautifully, and the occasional fuzz guitars give the music an appealing floating quality. It's dreamy and occasionally meandering, kind of like a lazy day at the park. The only obvious 80s nod is the use of string synthesizers. Unlike 80s rarities like Alshia or Child's Art this one just plain sounds good. The neat arrangements include oboe, a unlikely but wholly effective instrument for this type of music. There's not a lot of melodic variety; it's a long album that maybe could have been trimmed a bit, but that's a minor complaint. This is a good one. Most copies are missing the large booklet, which may have been sold separately from the album (it was not included inside sealed copies). [AM] ~~~ Most would probably agree that this is one of the very best psych-style LPs from the 1980s. Not retro at all but (like Bobb Trimble) a piece of the late 1960s preserved from time's rust. Male/female vocals lament and serenade "the quest for knowledge of love and beauty" in an appealing soundscape, with lyrical guitar leads throughout, good use of mellotron,
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