Ecos, Esu 50111 Control Radio Controller OO HO Model Railway, Hornby, Bachmann

For Auction.

ECOS, ESU 50111 control station.

Starting price GBP 100.00 which is half price so grab yourself a bargain.

Postage will be Royal Mail Next day delivery at a cost of GBP 22.70, do not pay until you receive a invoice.

Freedom through wireless radio communication
The ECoSControl Radio handheld is equipped with ultra-modern radio technology that enables it to communicate with a radio receiver. The radio receiver is plugged into the ECoSlot terminal of your ECoS command station or your Central Station "Reloaded" and the ECoS powers it. This modern, fast and duplex communicating radio technology achieves a range that allows a reliable operation of your layout under normal circumstances at any time. Due to its radio technology you do not necessarily need inter-visibility between the handheld and the radio receiver; radio waves even pervade walls and there is no interference by sun or neon light, whether outside or in the basement.
Once you hold the ECoSControl Radio in your hands you will immediately find that its shape was influenced by ESU´s long lasting experience about the design of throttles: Due to its ergonomically engineering you can reach all function keys very easily, the arrangement and marking of the buttons is plausible. A large display informs you about your locos and
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