Eden WT-300 World Tour Traveler Hybrid Bass Amp / Amplifier - Amazing Amps USA

Eden WT-300 Bass Amp
Made in USA
Highly acclaimed amplifiers and Company producing equipment to last a lifetime - With many of the big amp manufacturers now slowly switching production out of China, why not own one that was made in the USA in the first place - I haven't opened her up to picture the inside but the work is just a beautiful piece of work -
This has been my backup mostly and has been used in anger on a few occasions and it has always delivered in bucket loads - I use it through a stack of 2 x Epfani 12 inch on top of a Mesa Boogie 15 inch and it drives them beautifully with a range of dial in tones which are pretty unique to Eden . Loads of big bass grunt but equally happy at much lower levels in the studio . Don't let the 300 Watt put you off - It is loud enough for a good sized gig with plenty of headroom and has stood in for my Mesa 600 watt very happily . On occasion I have used it for a normal 6 stringer and it performs just as well - This also has a raft of inputs and outputs allowing for quiet home practice along to your backing tracks through headphones - A very useful feature -
I have it looked at once in a while but there is never anything to do other than re new the ECC 83 valve and maybe blow out some dust . This was last done earlier this year .
Unusually this one is in the
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