Edge brand, "Original bowie knife

This is an auction for a very nice early Edge brand Solingen Germany knife. It is marked on the blade, "Original bowie knife". It is just visible, as this is a used knife. The blade is stamped, Edge brand, Solingen Germany. It has not been ground, or other abuse of that type. T is a small amount of freckling of the blade, but no deep rust pits. It looks like a stone was used on it, but not much. The scabbard is very nice, made from saddle leather, and tooled with a scene with a deer and a moose. The stiching is very good. Most of the makers of these post-war knives, were the same ones that made Hitlers blades for ww2. A nice collector Solingen bowie. The knife measures nine and one half inche over-all, with the blade just under five inches.