EDH FOIL ALTERED ART Basalt Monolith Sale!

Liquidation Sale!

Holographic Altered Art card!

You are bidding on one of the few remaining premium quality altered art cards available! About a year ago, I started to collect every test-print and sample holographic altered art card I could find. They are a lot more rare and valuable. I only collected the absolute best quality prints. There's a lot of crappy ones on ebay now! Before added to standard circulation, the best AA companies would create several "test prints" on various cards so they could see which cards sold the best. Generally, the most popular card & art choice would be added to the standard circulation.

What you are bidding on is the absolute LAST of these prints. Only four were made, and most of the time the design was placed on several different cards. You are potentially bidding on the only version of this AA card ever made!


Unlike other foil AA cards you find on ebay, these are NOT made using a laser printer and pasting a holographic sticker to the top. These were printed using highly specialized machines that greatly exceed the quality of traditional foil MTG cards. There aren't any wobbly hand-cut lines either; these were directly printed on the card face of a real MTG card. They have nice crisp edges, and look phenominal. What you see in the image
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