Edison Giocattoli Panthermatic Assault Rifle Cap Gun EX

Vintage 1980s Edison Giocattoli Panthermatic Assault Rifle Cap Gun

I have a hard to find working used vintage 1980s Edison Giocattoli Panthermatic Semi Automatic Cap gun Assault Rifle made in Italy up for bid. ( I also have two packs of 208 supermatic caps made for this gun which are available separately for $5 each, ebay forbids them to be sold together for some reason, feel free to inquire about them)

The Panthermatic was advertised as the world's finest cap gun, it even has a working safety. It looks very realistic and it still fires. It is made of molded plastic with a metal gun barel. It measures 35 inches long and it would make a very convincing prop gun. This example was made in the early 1980s before orange flags were required by Law here in the USA. (As per Ebay Rules a blaze orange plug has been inserted in the barrel for pictures) This realistic toy uses Supermatic cap strips they are available online but none are included. This toy is in very good used condition. It shows some minor scratches and some signs of age and use. I would rate it an 8.5/10 or better overall. Please check out all the pics and feel free to ask me any questions prior to bidding.

DISCLAIMER: This auction is for a vintage toy cap rifle which conforms to eBay rules with an orange barrel plug that has been added for the pics.
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