Edison Model K Phonograph Reproducer & box Paul Baker

This is a Steve Medved reproducer auction. I research, rebuild, and enjoy reproducers, both Edison and Victor. Edison continued to improve his reproducers; t are ten different variations of the model H reproducer and five different types of the H bar known. Who else do you know that even cares? Serious reproducer collectors are as rare as the Alva.

When I found this reproducer the hinge block was broken and the 4 minute stylus was not lined up. This reproducer uses shellac to hold the styli in place like Edison did so that was a 2 second fix. Paul told me he installed all the styli by hand using shellac and watchmaker's Combination Tool that can be seen on eBay item 110136573843. The hinge block on these is the 0-80 thread. Unlike the current reproduction stylus bars these are well made so the stylus head on the 4 minute is supported.

This reproducer looked like it had never been used, t was no wear to the styli and t was no wax on either bar. I purchased it from a retiring dealer selling off his stock. I took it completely apart to make certain t were no hidden surprises.

On some of the current reproduction bars I have had to put shellac under the head of the stylus as the bar was not drilled properly. Think of being on a bed and someone pulling a pillow from under your head and having your body support
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