Edmond J. Nogar Original oil painting on glass ASTERS

You are bidding on an Oil Painting on glass by Edmond J. Nogar. Mr Nogar painted all of his painting by hand and are done on layers of glass that give a beautiful 3 dimensional quality. The pictures do not do this justice. The size of the painting framed is 7/12 x 9 1/2.
This painting is called ASTERS Serial no A-6110 Pat Pend.. The painting is signed in oil NOGAR and on the back it says hand Painted Hand Made, this is an original painting by Edward J. Nogar and signed by the artist. Bowie (pointer Ridge) MD. The frame has written Frame Style #5090 on the back. The pictures just do not do this item justice. the Frame is in very good shape. The Item is quite heavy as it is made up of layers of glass.
Mr. Nogar died in 1986. I found some information from one of his nephews who says that the paintings all were truly done by hand. He had special frames made up that allowed the placement of individual plates of glass about two inches in front or back of one another, allowing him space to make brush strokes as needed as he looked "through" the paintings from the front.
This is truly a beautiful an different piece. I have a second one called forget me nots also up for auction and will combine shipping. INSURANCE IS REQUIRED ON THIS ITEM. Thanks for looking and
d the paintings all were truly done by hand. He had special
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