Edward Davenport American Civil War Era Actor cdv

Description: 19th century Carte de visite of Edward Loomis Davenport (1816-1877), Boston born actor on the American and English stage. Image taken from the photographic negatives by Matthew BRADY, backstamped E. & H. T. Anthony, New York, with a 2 cent Civil War era Revenue Tax Stamp.

See: www./wiki/Edward_Loomis_Davenport

Over the next few weeks, I will be listing all the artists from this impressive collection. The collection consists of actors, actresses, singers, dancers, musicians and others. If you have an interest in stage performers of the mid nineteenth century, be sure to keep an eye on my listings!

Provenance : This CDV is from a large collection of images assembled by a prominent 19th century cotton broker in North Carolina in the last half of the 19th century. He was also a founder of the Charlotte Opera House. His CDV album contained dozens of images of important and influential figures of the 19th century, particularly persons living during the Civil War era in America. These images are fresh to the market, all from the same collection and are being offered on eBay for the first time. Included in the collection are numerous Confederate Civil War Generals such as General Hanson, Hardee, Mosby, Hampton, Stuart, Johnston, Smith, Rains, Lovell, Hood; United States Presidents and Vice Presidents
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