Edward Gorey-Set of 3 RARE Metropolitan Opera Tumblers

Exceedingly rare set of Edward Gorey frosted tumblers, in conjunction with The Metropolitan Opera,1988.

1) "The Mad Scene" - etched on the glass is Gorey's drawing of a woman in bare feet, with long hair, which she is holding up on either side with her hands. Her dress has long ribbons flowing.

2) "The Vengeance Aria" - etched on the glass is an ominious character, in black head to toe, wielding a hugh double edged sword.

3) "The Recognition Scene" - etched in glass - two characters, both masked, reaching out to each other, allegedly recognizing each other.

I extensively researched these tumblers, but could not find them anyw, in Toledano or elsew on the web.

I know that Gorey was very interested in the Met and attended Operas often, and am guessing that these are famous scenes from the same opera, or various operas.

Each tumbler has the date 1988 followed by "Edward Gorey".

I am pretty sure I bought them through the Signals catalogue that year.

T is a 4th glass in the set, but it is badly cracked so I did not put it up for sale with the other 3, which are flawless.