Edwardian Canadian Dragoon Officer's Sword

I have done some more research on this sword. I was mistake that this was a Royal Canadian Regiment Infantry Officer's sword. It turns out it is a Pattern 1897 sword and is a Canadian Dragoon Sword. It has the Sam Browne pigskin leather scabbard and saber wrist knot. Made by J.R.Gaunt & Son Ltd. ate of Edward Thurkel, Denmark St. SoHo, London - engraved on bass of blade - six pointed star and brass proof slug on opposite site. The blade has the engraved glyph of on one side of blade. Blade etching is standard foliage scrollwork with the Royal Crown and Kindg Edward VII Cypher on the right side. Opposite side of the blade has Canadian Beaver beneath King's Crown. When I purchased the sword in Toronto in 1987, I was told it was a Canadian Dragoon Sword and was from the time of the Boer War. However, the fact that it has Edward VII's cypher on the blade, may put this is doubt.
Regardless, this is a beautiful sword and will look great on your wall. There is some scuffing on the leather on the exterior of the scabbard. Blade has very little pitting or discoloration. The fish skin and wire wrapped hilt is in excellent condition. Length of blade is 36 inches.