EFE model bus garage job lot sale. 11 buses

OK. I, the seller, am a novice in this model bus thing.


A tenant of mine left in a hurry (owing rent) but left these model buses behind in the rush. I have not the time to sell them individually so they are all going in one job lot for convenience. I have done a little resarch on the EFE website and I have done my best to be as accurate as possible, e.g. I now know that there is a difference between "new" and "new but opened". All seem in pretty good condition to me but you may differ. One aspect of these models is that some wheels have picked up a little of the card they have stood in whilst stored in a lock-up - this appears to come off easily with a scrape of a careful fingernail. They were not stored in their boxes - the boxes were stored seperately. I put them back into their respective boxes at the weekend.

20201 London Transport STD. C.W.S Vernons

Grenadier Coach Premier Travel

11108 A.1. Services Double Deck Bus

10114 Bradford Double Deck Bus London & Manchester Assurance

10118 St Helens A.E.C. (R.T.) Bus

15802 East Kent Leyland PD1 Lowbridge Littlewoods

11105 London Brylcreem

20430 Northumbria Bristol VR III (UNOPENED)

Midland 2535 AEC Regent EFE Inaugural (no matching box but a box available)

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