3! Effanbee Wee Patsy&tiny doll dolls Red riding hood&V693&3"doll!MINT in box!

3 TIGHTLY STRUNG Effanbee dolls. 2 Are in original boxes and are 5 " tall. Red Riding hood and V693. All came from an OLD family run business that closed and have never been displayed. Both of tht 5 " dolls are in original boxes. VERY GOOD condition. Tightly strung. There are tiny doll stands in the box; I don't know if they came with the dolls or not, but I will include them. Clothing is nice and crisp , just WONDERFUL shape. Red riding hood does not have panties( I don't know if she was supposed to have). The teeny, tiny 3" doll does not have a box , but the price tag that was on her is still attatched and says Effanbee $17.00.

I am NOT a doll expert; I am describing to the best of my ability. Any questions, ask PRIOR to bidding.