NEW Eflite Beechcraft Staggerwing 480 ARF EFL6125

New In Box Eflite
Beechcraft Staggerwing 480 ARF EFL6125
Key Features Accurate scale outline Durable Z-Foam construction Authentic U.S. Navy paint scheme Factory-applied scale details Functional flaps Steerable tail wheel Pneumatic retract-ready (EFLGP0150) Perfect match for E-flite ParkKv brushless outrunner (EFLM1505) Magnetic hatches for battery and servo access Includes 10 x 8e propeller and custom snap-together spinner Overview

The Beechcraft Staggerwing was the realization of Walter Beech’s bold vision for an executive transport that could fly farther and faster than anything else at the time. That he realized his vision in 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression, is as remarkable as the revolutionary design born from it. With a speed of over 200 mph and range of over 800 miles, the Staggerwing eclipsed the performance of everything else in its class and was an instant success. Many Staggerwings still fly today, their graceful lines turning as many heads now as they did back then.

E-flite is pleased to bring this exciting Staggerwing ARF that is sure to be as big a hit as its full-scale inspiration. Modeled after an aircraft used by the U.S. Navy as a V.I.P. transport, the E-flite Beechcraft Staggerwing 480 features Z-Foam™ construction with carbon rod spars in the upper and lower wings. Most of its
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