Egg Fantasy Original - Musical Collectible

An Original Design by Egg Fantasy

I am selling this for a FRACTION of it's value. Google Egg Fantasy and see how pricy these collectibles are!!!

A Handcrafted Collectible - Wind up Musical Base

Goose and Ostrich Egg Shells

Beautifully Designed Egg Collectible with Musical Base

Free Shipping and Insurance

Does not come in original box, but does come with the original card show in pictures and has this charming message:

"T is a great and beautiful tradition that has come down to us through the ages; the tradition of the Egg. It is the tradition of our ancestors, too fine; too simply beautiful to be lost in this chaotic welter of progress that we call civilization. Let us then-revive it and cherish its meaning.

The Egg is Forever"

The Maker is Egg Fantasy and these eggs are a true collector's dream! Egg Fantasy eggs are not easy to find and t is not another auction on ebay like this! T are only a few Egg Fantasy retailers. If you would like to check out the prices on other pieces, visit:

I was unable to find an exact replica of the egg that I own, and I must admit that it is not as elaborate as some of the others on the site, so I am trying to price it fair - but please feel free to send me offers that you consider fair and I will consider them
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