Eglinton Tournament Jug/Pitcher

Up for auction is a very nice Flow Blue style pitcher manufactured by Royal Doulton circa 1905. This is not transfer wear. It is all hand painted with marvelous details. The spout of the pitcher is marked Eglinton Tournament, and was made to commemorate the Eglinton Tournament held in London in 1839. The pitcher depicts a pair of jousting knights on one side of the pitcher and a pair of knights sword fighting on the other. The pitcher is marked on the base with the Royal Doulton trademark and registry number 408787, stamped with the number 25, and its stickered 55. I am not a collector or professional-this was in my mothers collection.
Item Condition: The overall condition of the pitcher is good. On the handle t is wear of the gold line on both sides. Other than that, to my eyes, it appears perfect-t are no chips or lines.
Measurements (approximate):

6 1/4 inches bottom to top of spout, approximately 14 inches circumference at the base, and approximately 20 inches at the widest point.