eGo CE4 Double Kit Electronic shisha Pen in Black Electronic Battery 1100mAh

Best Selling eGo CE4 Double Electronic Shisha Kit Not Cigarette Powerful Battery 1100mah

Package Includes

2 x EGO-T battery 1100mAh
2 x CE4 atomizer/vaporizer
1 x empty needle bottle
1 x adapter
1 x USB charger (comes with UK Plug) (International customers may need UK adaptor)
1 x English manual
1 x eGo zipper case
1 x Necklace

Charging your CE4 Starter Kit :

Plug the USB charger which is included in you kit to an available USB slot. Once Plugged in, the LED on the charger cable will turn green. Screw your battery into the charging unit and the LED light will turn red to indicate that the charge is needed. Once the battery has fully charged the LED on the charger will turn back green. It is recommended to charge your battery to full capacity before the first use so continue charging even if the USB charger Light turns green. Charge it for 8 hours. Remove and use for 20 minutes Charge for an additional 1 hour Charge time for a dead battery is approximately 2-3 hours.

Filling up your CE4 Clearomizer :

Remove the mouthpiece by unscrewing counter-clockwise Hold the CE4 clearomizer at an angle and begin dripping e-liquid along the inside wall of the unit until it is filled to just below the bottom of the rubber cover inside of the unit. Replace mouthpiece
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