Does not come with e juice
1. The device itself consists of three parts; the smoking tip, the glass flavour tube, and the battery.
2. Before using this product you should charge the battery for up to 4 -6 hours.
To Get a best long lasting battery from the new product, even overnight on 1st Charge.
3. To insert the flavour liquid into the glass tube, unscrew the smoking tip and pour the juice/liquid inside the glass tube. (Pour it slowly while holding the clearomizer on a tilt. However Recommend use a Syringe.
4. Refill the clearomizer slowly using your e-liquid dropper bottle until reaching the 1.6ml mark. (Be careful not to spill e-liquid into the centre white element.
5. Screw the smoking tip back on again.
6. Finally, attach the battery to the tube.
7. In order to smoke the pen you must hold the button and simply inhale and exhale.
How To Charge
The battery stick is screwed into the USB charger adaptor which is then pushed into the USB port on your computer or any usb charging divice. (Please note the computer must be active to charge the battery stick i.e. not shut down or on standby.) The L.E.D. will light when charging and turn off when completed.or the light on the usb will be red and when fully charged it will turn green depending on the type of e cig you have...
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