Ego T Ego C Cartridges x 10 WHITE

eGo-T/eGo-C Cartridges x 10 (CLEAR)


The blank Cartridges, or Empty Cartridges can be used for the eGo-T andeGo-C models. The Blank E-Cart can be used to refill the E-Liquid with whatever flavour you want.

Re-fill the cartridges up to 10-15 top-ups, but this is really up to you but we recommend replacement after at least 15 top-ups as the lint gets clogged and worn if over used. An overused cartridge could damage the atomizing unit of your electronic Cigarette and will also detract you from the experience of truly savouring the flavour and vapour in its full glory.

It is advised to not fill an empty E-Cart with too much E-Liquid at one time. You may experience a leak from the unit or inhale E-Liquid in to your mouth.

Postage : All orders will be despatched via Royal Mail within 72 hours from clearing payment with the exception for weekends and bank holidays. In the unhappy event that you will not receive your item in the expected time, please wait for 15 days ( according to Royal Mail regulations – if the item is not delivered in 15 days period it is assumed lost) .After this this time we will send a replacement or refund according to your wish.
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