Egyptian / Czech M53 Helmet

Egyptian Helmet

I still have too many helmets in my collection. My numbers are going down but yes, still too many. If I can't display them properly in my now much smaller place of residence then, sadly, they must go.

This is one that's fitting for the times. Its a Czech made M53 helmet that was used by the Egyptian army. The ones that you see them wearing right now are Polish Wz67's. I haven't seen any of them wearing these ones on CNN but they use to. These made there way to Egypt from Czechoslovakia in the 1960s by way of trade. The Czechs traded helmets for cotton. This particular helmet was an Israeli captured piece. It came out of a storage depot in a place called Jaffia, I think. I picked up a few of them along with a bunch of Syrian / German M66's about ten years ago. I can't find my records on them.

She's nice. Anyway, I'm pulling this flight helmet right out of the collection along with two others. I'm also putting up some other very interesting pieces of militaria, uniforms, flags, badges and field gear. Be sure to take a look.

****And now the fine print. Be sure to read this.****

The winning bidder can pay by way of PayPal if they choose but it's entirely up to you.

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