Egyptian Hand Painted Papyrus Painting Vintage Framed Art 13"x16

Up for auction is a beautiful Egyptian painting on papyrus paper from the

land of the pharaohs. This painting is of the God Horus and Queen Nefertari and is a

hand painted and signed museum copy. I acquired this while in Cairo in 1987. The painting

is framed in a classic gold wood frame to accentuate the gold gilding of the artwork.

Colors are bright, as the papyrus has been under glass for 26 years. It is in excellent

condition with no fading. The natural rough edges of the papyrus add an extra ancient touch.

The frame measures 13" x 16".

Papyrus paper comes from a reed grown on the river Nile. The stalk is cut into strips, soaked,

and pressed to form a sheet of papyrus paper. It is then painted by various artists.

I pack and ship with care to insure item arrives to you safely and in one piece.
Item ships within 24 hours of receipt of payment.
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