Eighteen 40% Silver Kennedy Half-Dollars "Please Look

Eighteen 40% Silver

Kennedy Half Dollars

2.958 ounces of Silver

Although this roll of Eighteen mixed date 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars has a face value of $9.00, each coin contains .14792 oz of Silver making the total weight of Silver in these 18 coins , 2.662 ounces.

In today's market (as of March 23rd) Silver is over $37.00 an ounce the highest it's been in Thirty Years, and it's still rising! That puts the Silver value of these 18 coins above $90.00.

While these coins are (mixed dates, 1965-1970) and most in better than average circulated condition, you should bid on them strictly for their silver content. The picture I've supplied shows the actual coins that you will receive.

I have other auctions running for Kennedy Half Dollars and if more than one auction is won by the same bidder, I'll combine the auctions as one package for mailing purpose with one Priority flat rate fee.

If you're interested in Silver coins for investment please put me in your "Favorite Seller" list because after April 19th when eBay does away with their insertion fees, I'll be auctioning all of my 90% Silver coins, Dollars, Halves, Quarters, dimes, and War-Time Nickels.

Thank you for taking the time to "LQQK" at my auction, and please check out my other items that I have on eBay.
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