Einstein Albert Obeechi Wood Big Art Form Bowl

Very desirable, these beautiful hand made bowls from Einstein Albert in Haiti are food safe and art at the same time. Made from the local tree Obeechi wood is very light and in it's natural state a very light color with black stripes. It takes 14 steps to make it look like this. Princess Diana owned one of his bowls and he named a particular style of bowl after her. You can see him and I at his shop, taken this July, in Haiti. Einstein sells his bowls to Neiman Marcus and 10,000 Villages. Our nonprofit store, Haiti's Back Porch, has now the largest variety anyw in the world. We are a part of Haitian Ministries and you can learn more about our work in Haiti by going to . All proceeds from our store go back to support our programs t This style bowl, called large art form is 15 inches across and 14 across and 7 3/4 inches tall. Like it's little brother, it is sort of oval with a softly wave type shape. I will be listing all our styles today, come back and take a look. All shipping costs are for U.S. shipping, international will depend on destination.