El Inalcanzable: Agustin Barrios Mangore (Book-Catalog)

Product Information
Title: El Inalcanzable: Agustin Barrios Mangore (Book-Catalog)
Author: Carlos Salcedo Centurion
Format: A beautiful, 5-pound tome, English-Spanish, soft cover with flaps, high quality photographs, 400 Barrios-related images, nearly 100 fotos of Agustin Barrios, 100 original scores, includes original correspondence, programs, records and guitars and so much more, 160 year chronology, a rare combination art-book and reference text, with forwards by Richard Stover, Luz Maria Bobadilla, Sila Godoy, the director of the Cabildo Museum in Paraguay and prologue and text written by northamerican Barrios-Mangore expert Carlos Salcedo Centurion, nearly 10-years in-the-making, ideal for conservatories, guitarists, music libraries, collectors, etc. A must have reference text for any serious student of the classical guitar or admirer of Agustin Barrios Mangore -- the "Paganini of the guitar from the jungles of Paraguay". The books are first edition in mint condition and will come signed by the author, Carlos Salcedo.
Notes-Comments: This is an extremely rare compilation of information about Barrios with new fotos, facts, and dates about the artist's life. The book has been praised by many classical guitarists as possibly one of the best books ever edited about a guitarist in this genre. El Inalcanzable was
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