El Salvador Machete Corona No. 152

This is an El Salvador machete made by Corona model No.152. On one side it is etched " Made in El Salvador" " Corona producto Centro Americano" " Hecho en El Salvador". There is a sticker on the other side that says" QUE SE DEVUELVA AL VENDEDOR" SI ESTA HOJA NO SALE BUENA" There are other words underneith that are hard to read. The blade has been used and has very minor chips these could be erased if sharpened. The blade measure approx 22 inches long. The length with the handle is 27 inches long. This has a hard rubber type handle it has a nylon type rope hanging from the handle. It comes with a leather sheath that has some good designs on it. This has leather straps and other pieces of leather hanging from it. There are metal type rivets on the bottom as well as the top 9 in all. The sheath is made in El Salvador as well it has a piece of leather string tied to it. If you have any questions feel free to email.