Elbaflex VX 1000 + Lens + TTL Prisma + viewfinder


Elbaflex VX 1000 + Lens + TTL Prisma + viewfinder,

The Jhagee Exakta VX 1000 was built of 1967-1971 , it should be the last derived construction the Kine-Exakta. The VX 1000 has a return mirror, fast transport lever, exchangeable viewfinders, F, FP and X contact. As of 1969 the Exakta VX 1000 was expelled from Dresden in the west under the name Elbaflex VX 1000 with the Gravur on the right camera top side

A fine addition to any Exakta admirer's collection.
The shutter is working smoothly at all speeds. Camera body is in good condtion (uses clearly see the photos).The lenses is in good condition .
the cover shows in good condition.
This collectible camera is beautiful. Good cosmetic and working condition.

Please look at the actual Pictures. Check out my other items !

The content of the package:
Elbaflex VX 1000 + Lens + TTL Prisma + viewfinder.
.As well as on the photos . .

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