Eldridge Pope / Huntsman Ales Advertising Figure / Trophy

Here for Auction is an unusual item from Huntsman Ales / Eldridge Pope.

I purchased this a number of years ago from a Landlord of a Pope's Pub / Hotel in Charmouth that (at that time) I believe was closing down.

Later on a family friend that worked for Eldrige Pope researched the item and it was thought that these items were supplied to pubs and it was though many were presented as a trophy for in-house competitions such as Skittles / Darts / Pool Tournaments, etc.

This particular example has two brass plates applied to the sides, one left and one right which still have a thin plastic protective film and are not engraved at all, so presumably this particular trophy was never presented.

The Huntsman figure itself is made of a composite type material which appears to be hand painted. It is in virtually mint condition. The trophy itself is made up as follows:

A wooden plinth base, then a wooden block upon which the Huntsman sits and finally the block and Huntsman are covered by a perspex cover.

Date thought to be 1960's ish possibly a few years either way.

A nice collectors piece.

Total Height is 9 inches, Depth 5.5 inches and Width 7.25 inches.

Thank you for looking.