Eleco Delsol Pachislo Casino Slot Machine Skill Stop

Hello. Up for bids is an Eleco Pachislo slot machine that is called Delsol. It has a Mexican theme(sombreros & such). This game has an extra reel on the top. It triggers your bonus rounds. It spins and lights up. (please see photos 3 and 10). This machine is a FULL SIZE slot machine. It weighs about 70 pounds. All the mechanics work great and all the noises and jackpots work completely and the machine pays out perfectly. The machine is in good used condition, not perfect condition, but not all beat up either. The back of the cabinet does have a couple cosmetic scars on the wood (please see photos 5 & 6) but you can't see them because this is usually against a wall. Also, the gold trim on the front door is wearing thin in a couple of spots. Please notice on photo 12 that someone made the access hole on the back a little larger. They weren't very professional. You will also need a few light bulbs. You will need a new 12" flourescent bulb (please see photos 8 & 10) and also 3 or 4 "peanut" bulbs (please see photo 11). The flourescent bulb will cost about $7.00 and the peanut bulbs will cost about 75 cents each. The machine will include both a door key (fits loose but works) and also the reset key. 200 tokens are also included. A printed manual will also be included. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY or see special note on shipping.

Payment must be made within 48 hours regardless of pickup or delivery date.


If you live within 100 miles from me (19711) (driving miles, not in a straight line miles) I will be willing to deliver the machine to you for the exact cost of gas. That's right, I will deliver this up to 100 miles if you pay for the gas both ways. I know this sounds expensive, but It would cost several hundred dollars if I shipped it. My car gets 16 miles to the gallon, so if you take the total miles of the trip both ways and divide by 16, that will tell you how many gallons of fuel I would need. The you take the total gallons needed multiplied by the cost of gas, we'll say $3.00. That would be your total shipping charge.

EXAMPLE: If you live 100 miles from me that would be a round trip of 200 miles. At 16 miles per gallon, the trip would require 12.5 gallons of fuel. 12.5 gallons x $3.00/gallon = $37.50.

That means if you live 100 miles away from me, I will deliver the machine personally for only $37.50. Now that is an amazing deal!!

The only exception to this price is residents of New York will also have to pay the $8.00 toll if I need to go through the tunnel toll and also any parking fees if I need to park in a garage or anything.(Some places in New York charge almost $10.00 to park for 15 minutes.) Also, New Jersey has quite a few tolls. I don't mind paying a dollar here or a dollar there, but if there is a toll of $5.00 or more, I will have to add that to my delivery cost.

Cost of fuel can be paid at time of delivery, but please pay for machine before delivery.



If you live more than 100 miles away, I CANNOT deliver the machine. It will be on a pick-up basis only. I do not offer any actual shipping for this item. I am only offering a delivery service for this item only.

All listings for antique slot machines must include the following text:
"Due to laws regulating the sale of antique slot machines, I, as the seller, will not sell to members in the states of Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Bids from members residing in any of these states will be canceled. Buy It Now transactions with buyers residing in these states will be considered void."

This machine is intended for private home use, amusement purposes only, and not intended to be used as a commercial gambling device!
These machines accept tokens only! Can not be readily converted to accept coins!
It is the buyer's responsibility to check state and local laws prior...
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