Electric Guitar Case by Gear4music, Black - B Stock RRP £37

Electric Guitar Case by Gear4music, Black

RRP £37

Please note, this item is being sold as B Stock without warranty.

A key is not included for locking the main latch, (latch is currently unlocked.)

This part is not available to purchase separately from .

Otherwise the case is new and unused.

Please note B Stock is not available for collection from the Gear4music showroom and will only be

sent by courier.

Original product description:-

Electric Guitar Case by Gear4music, Black — Rugged Carry Case suitable for most styles of Electric Guitar. Gear4music, Strat, Tele, PRS and Ibanez Super Strat body shapes. This is a highly versatile item - the neck supports permit use with straight and angled headstock guitars.

More details:

A durable and reliable electric guitar case for safe transportation and storage of your instrument - fits most styles of guitar. The plush black lining protects against scratches and the internal fittings keep the guitar in place and prevent unwanted movement. A storage compartment is handy for keeping your accessories in including strings, strap or tuner whilst the locking latches provide extra security.

Please note this case does not fit the Gear4music Metal X Electric Guitar

Features & Specifications Plush black
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