Electric RYO Cigarette Rolling Machine Tobacco Roller Automatic Injector Maker

Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Injector Are you tired of buying cigarettes at $6-$8? Make your own cigarettes to save $$$ with this advanced and easy to use machine (easy to read instructions included). Makes a pack of 20 cigarettes in minutes. This model is especial simple to use: Load the hopper, insert the cigarette blank to the tube and press the button to fill the cigarette. In about 5 seconds you will have perfectly formed cigarette. You can adjust the tobacco density to your liking... Choose from a tight-firm packed cigarette to a loosely packed cigarette and everything in between.

Item#: Cigarette-C68A

Condition: Brand New

Color: Black


5 Speed density levels for personal density preference Automatic injects natural tobacco in tube to your liking
Powerful quiet durable motor for long lasting rolling
Removable tray catches extra tobacco, easy to empty & clean
Easy to use, portable and durable
Cigarettes taste better & contain fewer chemicals for a fraction of the cost
Voltage: 110V(For use with Standard USA outlet.)