Electrical Stimulation Kit - Glass Electrodes

The Master

High Frequency


Two Glass wands, when inserted into the end of the hand-held Bakelite power unit with rheostat control, provide a very light electrical 'buzz' to the skin. The paper instruction sheet enclosed in the small hinged case, suggests uses by beauticians and barbers. One glass electrode is doorknob shaped, for "facial and body surface stimulation", and the other has a rake "used as a comb on the scalp". I tried the flat one on my arm (see pic at bottom), it produces a light, needle-like sensation on the skin; as far as I can tell, it doesn't have any therapeutic value, and is presented only as a collectible 'quack' item. As with any electrically powered tool, this is NOT A TOY! Read the Do's and Don'ts on one side of the 8.5 X 11 inch sheet; on the other side, the maker's product line is presented. Sheet is dated 6-30-65. Will Ship at 5 lbs via Priority Mail, with Delivery Confirmation. Insurance is Optional. ~~Thanks for looking!