Electro-Harmonix Voice Box, complete with adapter and instruction booklet

I bought used it twice and realised it wasn't really suited to the sound I'm wanting to create with my music so thought it's best sold to a new home... LIKE NEW!
In perfect working order complete with box, instruction booklet and adapter.
See description below:
Features • Intelligent vocal harmonies: follows the chords you play on your instrument and the note you sing to create from 2 to 4 part harmonies in the same key as your instrument. • Natural Glissando: harmony notes will follow your natural glissando between notes without interval stepping. • Tracks any electric instrument you plug into it. • Vocoder mode. • Very professional quality pitch shifting algorithm produces realistic harmonies. • Gender bender knob allows for male/female formant modification. • Voice Mix knob allows you to mix the harmonies to taste.Want lots of 5th and a little 3rd? You can do that. • Low Harmony mode produces two harmony notes: a 3rd and 5th, both below the note you sing. • High Harmony mode produces two harmony notes: a 3rd and 5th, both above the note you sing. • Low/High Harmony mode produces one 3rd below and one 3rd above. • 3 Multi Harmony modes allow for more complex harmony combinations above and below the note you sing plus octaves. • Octave mode produces notes exactly one octave above and below the note you sing. •
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