Electronic Coors Light Full Size Football Helmet Beer Sign Promotional Item HTF

Selling a hard to find Coors Light Promotional Light up Full Size Football Helmet. When plugged in you see 2 red eyes appear that move from side to side then blink- just like a linebacker before the snap. Then moving across the visor from left to right appears the red words "COORS LIGHT - FROST BREWED - PASS A COLD COORS LIGHT - HARD HITTING REFRESHMENT". Then it repeats the display again and again. Its powered by a 9V DC adaptor (included). Great Coors Light sign for any Collector, Fan, Bar, or Man Cave. Because there is a small crack on the lower left edge under the ear protector and a slight fracture on the right in the same position it looks like a manufacturing defect caused when they put in the electronics. You should be able to see it in one of the pictures. Decals are intact, slight yellowing of the white piece over the face mask. A really nice piece! Please contact me if you have any questions.