Electronic Z-Man The Brain toy robot 1956 w/ box Rare

Electronic Z-Man The Brain Robot made in 1956 by Z-Line.This is a very unusual battery operated toy robot which resembles a Spaceman jammed into a kiddie car going for a ride. By design this toy was to be programmed for various driving patterns and launching missiles while driving along a hard surface floor. Although the toy appears to have had operating problems even when new since it comes with a disclaimer paper from the toy manufacturer with operating tips. The slip suggests to be sure the program switches are fully engaged and that the arrows are properly lined up. So guess what? I can't get this thing to work. I sent this to be repaired but got an explanation that at best this toy functions finicky. At first, I got some flashing lights and some driving on the floor. Now nothing. So consider buying this as a non-working toy. Note also that the battery-direction metal chassis plate sometimes falls out. This metal plate and the retainer clip show some rust. The metal plate has spots along an edge which may have been caused by battery leakage at one time. The toy car is of made of hard plastic. The Z-Man is soft plastic. There are several scratches and scuffs to the upper helmet (see photo). Hard plastic missiles have original aged-stickers. The glued seams may or may not be factory assembly. Pylons remain unpunched under the box ... read more