Electrophonic Stereo AM/FM Receiver & 8 Track Player

Up for sale is one (1) "Electrophonic" Stereo AM/FM Receiver and 8 Track Player that is in good condition having just been serviced. This unit has it's own integrated amplifier so all you have to do is hook up some speakers and you're ready to go. This unit will be guaranteed to operate as described for a period of 14 days after the confirmed delivery date. The winning bidder may return the unit ONLY 'IF' defective for a refund of the 'purchase' price ONLY. ( RESERVE SET AT $55.00 )

NO bids will be accepted from persons with three (3) or less 'Positive' feedbacks. Sorry......But I've had too many 'Non-Paying' bidders lately.

Depending on what type of unit & accessories are being sold it is my opinion that a person should never have to pay over $70.00 for a serviced 8 track unit and my prices reflect that. I feel my feedback speaks for itself. There are some 'sellers' that put a whole lot of pictures of the inside of the unit trying to impress potential bidders and then charge anywhere from $100.00 to $200.00 for a serviced unit. Just because the unit is called 'Vintage' doesn't justify the prices that some 'sellers are asking. To me 'Vintage' just means 'Old'.

THE GOOD: This unit has just been serviced. The head was cleaned, demagnetized, and aligned to insure there is no 'crosstalk' between tracks.
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