ElectroVoice EV N/D357SB Dynamic Supercardioid Professional Vocal Microphone

ElectroVoice Professional

Model# N/D357SB Dynamic Supercardioid

Vocal Microphone

This microphone has seen very little use and is a 9 out of 10. Very light scratches you must try and find.

Kept in a air-conditioned microphone vault, this unit was a spare vocal microphone for my studio.

I found that some singers just had to hold the microphone and sing to release there passion and energy.

The ElectroVoice 357SB was great for capturing the details and not causing unwanted noise or feedback.

The on-off switch makes it great for stage performance too. No trying to find the switch on the bottom :)

The microphone comes with the original box and frequency graph for the exact mic. Nice to see they cared!

What ever happened to those days? I will ship ONLY in the USA and

This unit will be shipped prepaid with confirmation and insurance to the winning bidder.

Thanks for viewing and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!