Electrovoice EVX 180B 18" subwoofer drivers - NR!

Up for sale are freshly repaired Electrovoice EVX 180B 18" subwoofer drivers. Cast frame, 1,000 watt drivers from EV, these speakers have very large Ferrite magnet structures, features heavy weight ribbed cones and spring loaded input terminals. These fine drivers can also be used in all sorts of project cabinets, from PA cabinets to Bass amps with excellent results, but are best known as a premium quality deep bass subwoofer drivers. EV's most powerful 18" drivers - feature 4.0" edgewound voice coils, 6" fiber dustcaps. All of these speakers have had some kind of minor repair done such as replaced dust caps, replaced tinsel leads, repaired cone pinholes, loose gaskets, etc. None of the damage the speakers had warranted reconing the drivers, and all the required repairs have been done professionaly by us at Santon Audio. All speakers have been bench tested and high level tone swept, and all now are in good working condition. No coil rubs or other defects. One of the most sought after high output bass speakers made by anyone. I have a total of eight EVX 180B speakers available in this Dutch buy it now listing. I accept Paypal only for payment for all Ebay deals. Photo of actual items offered. Canadian Buyers will be charged 5% GST, except those buyers who live in HST provinces, w HST will be charged. Ontario Buyers will also be

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