Elegant 19th C. Amber Cheroot Holder

Elegant 19th C. Amber Cheroot Holder This is a really splendid cheroot holder with a special case designed to allow the smoker to use the holder while it is protected within the case; e.g while traveling in a carriage. The holder itself is 3 1/2" lengthwise and 2" tall. I was told the body is cast and carved amber and it has seven scrolls forming the base of the "bowl" w you would hold it. Each end is flared in a trumpet shape and t is a silver ring around each one, with two tiny touchmarks. The touchmarks appear to be "PR" and a very tiny "A". T is a silver fin, or blade, on the center scroll at the bottom. T is a loop on the ring at the end w you would insert a stem. The case is intact although t are some splits at the seams of the covering, from shrinkage. The hinge is sound and the clasp closes securely. The case is lined with red velvet on one half and gold velvet on the other and t is an imprint, in gold letters, on the gold velvet that appears to read, "Ludwig Har (t) mann, & Eidam_ _ _en." Inside the oval is an eagle with spread wings and claws (German, I think.) With the case closed the two openings of the holder are exposed so a stem and the cheroot can be inserted. This cheroot holder appears to have been used heavily, t is substantial discoloring that naturally occurs from use, yet t is no damage. All in all, a rather ... read more