ELEGANT Gustav Becker VIENNA 3 WEIGHT REGULATOR WALL CLOCK is an excellent 3 weight driven regulator wall clock. This clock is 52-1/4" tall and 17-3/8" wide. It features a solid brass movement and chimes every 15 minutes, which are driven by three weights. This clock has grand sonnerie striking. It first chimes the quarter then the hour. For example, at 6:30, it chimes twice on the quarter then 6 times on the hour. At 9:00, it strikes 4 times on the quarter then nine times on the hour. This feature is also known as blind man's clock. It has a full carved column on each side of the front door. It has porcelain dial ring with a hand engraved center piece. The later made case is made of solid wood with decorations and inlaid. This clock is in excellent working condition. 3 finials on top of the crest which brighten the elegancy of this clock. This clock has a 3 hand engraved brass weights and a hand engraved pendulum bob. T are just so much time putting into this clock. The clock doesn't appear to be old enough to be an antique, but it is so huge that it becomes a great choice for your empty wall in the hallway or livingroom. The movement of this clock really shows the craftsmanship. It's made with great care to ensure the accuracy of the timing. It's made of solid brass to last for generations. This clock is in excellent condition
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