What a beautiful piece we have up for auction. This is as nice as they come. The set is stamped quadruple silverplate "WILCOX" and A666 on the bottom of the frame. It is extremely ornate. All around the base of the frame w the 2 jars set are many tiny flowers,vines, birds, animals, and even a gecko. The silverwork on the jar covers are equally spectacular. I hope you can get an idea of the highly detailed work in the photos. The silverplating itself is in very good condition. I cleaned the set up with a toothbrush using only dish soap and water. This set would polish up just fine. I will leave that choice to the new owner. The set includes the original tongs. The crystal jars are in the "Button & Daisy" pattern.T is no makers mark on the jars but they sparkle brilliantly. I'm quite sure they are pressed, but the quality is near to cut glass. I have examined them very carefully and t are no chips breaks, fractures, or any other flaws. They appear to be mint except for a light wear pattern on the bottoms. The handle of the frame is 11 and a half inches tall. The width of the holder is 10 inches at the widest point. The tongs are 7 inches long. The matched jars are 4 inches tall and 3 and a half inches in diameter. With their covers in place they measure 6 and a quarter inches tall. The component pieces will be individually wrapped

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