ELEKTRONIKA START Vintage Soviet Russian VFD Clock KIT

ELEKTRONIKA START Vintage Soviet Russian VFD Clock KIT

Presented is a vintage Soviet Russian VFD alarm clock kit “ START ”. (The writing on the display is “ Elektronika ”)

This model is, probably, the most unusual of all Soviet electronic clocks.

First of all, it is not a ready-made clock; it is a “make-yourself” kit.

The owner has to build the clock himself. As is written on the box the kit “is intended for the age 14 and older”.

The second feature of the clock is its quite sophisticated character.

There are 9 (!) control buttons on the front panel. The clock has two alarms and can work as a stopwatch. As concerning other features, they are described in the owner’s manual which comes with the clock (please, note that it is in Russian).

The clock is powered by 220V.

The kit is absolutely new, in factory packaging .

I opened the box only to make sure if all the parts are present and are not broken.

Please, note, the last photo showing the clock with time indication shows another ready-made clock and is added only as an example of how the clock looks when built.

Manufactured in the USSR , 1991.

Approx. size – 5,5 * 3,5 * 3 in .

Condition – new in the box with a manual.

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