Elephant, elephants, LuckyPhants

Up for bid are these adorable LuckyPhant elephants. They are numbered 10289, and their names are Leatrice and Little Latham. They are approximately 3-1/2 inches high and 2-1/2 inches wide. Grandma Leatrice is reading to her grandson, Latham. They are sitting in a pale green chair. The book title is: Grandma's Story Book. T is a sticker on the bottom that reads: LuckyPhants, #1029, B.D. INC, 1996.

Condition: This item is in excellent shape. Can find no nicks, dings, cracks, breaks, or repairs.

LuckyPhants were made by Banberry Designs (BD) Incorporated during the mid-90s to the late-90s. These delightful elephants are no longer being produced. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be putting the entire line of these little cuties up for sale. I also own some prototype LuckyPhants that will also be placed up for bid. BD Inc gave names to all their LuckyPhants and each name starts with an "L." In addition, each LuckyPhant has a little bluebird on them to wish happiness for all!!! LuckyPhants are made of resin and I have been told that each were hand painted. I own multiples and each one seems to be slightly different in color.

I gladly offer shipping discounts for multiple purchases. Multiple purchases made on the same day are boxed together (if possible) and the shipping and handling is actual cost plus cost
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