Elf "IRA" by Karola Wagerich, RESALE from my collection, SOLD OUT

Limited edition and long sold out
I have 2 Elf Ira's Listed now
I am selling a few of my dolls from my collection and this is one that was purchased from,
Beach Babies
She has made by the wonderfully tallented
Kimberly McClung
She is in like new condition, only displayed.
She was re-born(assembled) on May 4th, 2015 at 12:30 pm PST weighing in at approx. 5.5 pounds and about 19" in length with bent legs. Sh e was put together on a cuddly doe suede body with 3/4 jointed limbs. She is quite pose-able as you can see in her pictures and because of her 3/4 limbs she has many clothing options. Her body is filled with tiny poly pellets and cluster fluff and her limbs and head are full of very f ine glass beads and her head was topped with poly fill then all parts were sealed closed to prevent any possibility of leakage. She is so much fun to play with and hold and she sits up very easily. She wears preemie and newborn sizes the best depending on the maker. She ha s magnets installed in her head for using double hair bows.
There are more pictures of her if you Google her
3 day shipping