ELGIN POCKET WATCH 5 1/2oz. SILVER OPEN FACE CASE Offered through GoAntiques

ELGIN- 5 1/2oz. SILVER OPEN FACE Key Wind. This scarce American key wind was produced in 1882. This watch features a 5 1/2 oz. coin silver plain massive case. American key wind silver cases over 4 oz. are very desirable and scarce. Very clean, running, very scarce, and all original; this watch is running and accurate, even today. THIS IS A FINE COLLECTIBLE. DON'T INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET. BUY SOMETHING PROVEN IN TIME.
DIAL: Mint white porcelain single sunk dial with Roman figures and signed: "Elgin Nat'l Watch Co." This dial is original to the case and movement.
MOVEMENT: 18 size, key wind and key set, full plate gilt satin factory finish. Fifteen jewels pressed in Sapphire jewel settings, serial number 1,246,079. This number dates this all original watch to 1882.
CASE: Excellent to near mint plain double hinged back and bezel 5 1/2 oz. coin silver open face stem wind case converted to this key wind movement in 1882. Coin silver cases marked with a star halmark indicates a 1/2 oz. add on in weight. This case is marked both "5" and a star "*" (please view the case markings with the macro images provided).
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