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Elhew Pointers

Promotional Kennel booklet--RARE!

This is a rare find for Pointer fanciers! The famous Elhew Kennels were owned by Robert G. Wehle of Scottsville, New York. This 14 page, 9 x 7 paperback booklet contains numerous photos of the most famous dogs of this kennel.

On the cover is a painting of Nat. Ch. Elhew Marksman. Inside the front cover is a color photo of 5 Elhew Pointers. Contents include the following:

The Elhew Strain of Pointers

The Origin

General Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Psychological Characteristics

The Elhew Breeding Program

Razzle-Dazzle Ringnecks

26th American Field Pheasant Dog Futurity

National Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship

Wehle Scores Again

Grand National Grouse Championship: Elhew Lucy Brown Scores Brilliant Win

Twenty-Ninth American Field Pheasant Dog Futurity: Elhew Marmaduke wins Top Honors

What to Look For in Selecting a Puppy

Starting the Young Prospect

Standard for Shooting Dog Performance

Sled Dog Racing

Conditions of Sale

Stud Service Conditions


National Champions Elhew Marksman, Elhew Zeus and Elhew Jungle

Lexington Jake

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