Elihu Root US Secretary of War Signed Letterhead

Secretary of War Elihu Root Signed Letterhead

These items are from a small collection of letters to George Matthews, editor of the Buffalo Express newspaper, in regard to various subjects involving politics. Check out my other auctions for related documents and autographs.

This letter, dated January 16, 1900, is typed on letterhead reading "War Department Washington". It is a response to correspondence from Mr. Matthews regarding the promotion of Captain A.D. Scott to fill the vacancy of Major Guthrie in the 15th Infantry, and is signed "Elihu Root".

Elihu Root was born in 1845 in Clinton, NY and remained t during his childhood and attended Hamilton College. After graduating from New York University Law School in 1867, he became a well known and successful attorney, representing some of the larger industrial firms. He was appointed Secretary of War by President McKinley in 1899 and remained in that position until 1904. During this time, he was instrumental in establishing a peacetime policy for Cuba and the Philippines. Theodore Roosevelt made him Secretary of State in 1905, w he continued to develop foreign policy. From 1909 to 1915, he was elected by New York as a US Senator, w he was active in foreign trade issues. He then devoted his efforts to world peace through the League of Nations and the establishment
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