ELITE 101 RECEIVER SIGHT SET for Swedish Mauser

A set consisting of an ELITE 101 receiver sight set, complete with an original front sight tunnel, one front sight insert (post or aperture at your choice), new (hex) mounting screws, new locking washers and a new mounting tool. The receiver sight is in very good, condition, all very tight and strong, and has more than 95 % blueing left. The front sight tunnel, to be clamped around the barrel, is in very good condition too. These sights will fit all Swedish Mausers, including the CG63, the CG80, the m/6 and the m/7 target rifles, except that the front sight tunnel is intended m/96 and m/38 barrels only. It will also, with some slight milling, fit a number of other Mausers, e.g. the Spanish m/93, the German m98k and others. Mounting requires the drilling and tapping of two 3 m/m holes in the receiver. This high quality late series sight is easily adjusted from 100 to 600 metres, marked for every 25 metres, as well as for windage. A photo copy of the original sales brochure of the Elit m/Edström sight, with mounting and setting instructions, is enclosed, in Swedish, but with an English translation.The design of the Elite 101 is so similar, that this instruction can be used when mounting and setting it. N.B.: Please note that ONLY ONE front sight insert is included in this auction - the other one is shown only to illustrate the different ... read more