Elizabeth Arden Memoire Cherie set of 3 perfumed bath soaps in box

This pink box contains three Memoire Cherie soaps, each 5.25 oz. for a total of 15.75 oz. The soaps lie underneath a layer of white, cushioned paper embossed with the same Memoire Cherie logo that appears on the box lid.

This is an estate sale find from a home full of antiques and collectibles. It has not been used, but it has signs of storage wear. Two of the soaps are in pretty good shape. Alas, the third soap has a section that has broken off. The bottom of the box has some pieces from what is obviously the broken area.

Please look at all 11 photos attached to the listing, and let me know if you have any questions.

Box dimensions: 8 inches X 4 inches X 1 & 5/8th inches.

Memoire Cherie is a fairly hard-to-find, discontinued fragrance by Elizabeth Arden. This would make a nice addition to a collection of vintage vanity items.

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